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Compass educates and informs, empowering employees with personalized information on cost and quality for doctors and locations in their area. Compass transforms users into smarter healthcare consumers.

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Vitals Acquires Compass Healthcare Advisers

Vitals Acquires Compass Healthcare Advisers

Creates unmatched capability in health care transparency and engagement.

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Savings Without Sacrificing Quality

Total Savings*

* Based on actual Compass client savings. Specific savings will vary by group.

Compass Delivers Results

Empowering your employees to make smarter healthcare decisions.

When employees have access to the right information at the right time, they make smarter decisions that result in lower cost and improved outcomes. Compass delivers a comprehensive suite of transparency services to fully engage and assist our members.

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Saved by one patient in one year using the RxRewards specialty pharmacy service
Success rate in guiding members to high-quality, lower-cost locations using RadRewards
Per employee savings for employer in one month using Compass Incentive Rewards
Engagement rate achieved by Compass employer
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Compass Provides Value

Move the needle through engagement.

Move the needle through engagement.

Compass delivers results by engaging and supporting members to drive measurable behavior change. Utilizing communication campaigns with specific call-to-action, coupled with full-suite of support services, members not only engage but act on the information.
Independent, trusted resource.

Independent, trusted resource.

Compass is the most trusted name in transparency. Compass is an independent, 3rd party advocate to help support and guide your employees.
Delivering results, one member at a time.

Delivering results, one member at a time.

Members can access personalized information via phone, web, mobile. When members act on the information, they generate measurable savings and improved outcomes, and in many cases earn rewards for doing the work to improve their health.